Is Stress Wiping You Out?

Stressed Out and Overworked? No­ one is a stranger to stress. A little stress is healthy; it challenges you and makes you stronger. The body’s stress response is designed to help you survive stressful situations. Historically, stress looked a bit different, particularly if you were a caveman confronted with a sabre­toothed tiger! In our busy, modern lives, the sources of stress are different but the body’s response is the same. Stresses are not always easy to resolve, meaning that your stress response is constantly activated. Stress without adequate recovery can substantially affect your energy levels, resulting in significant fatigue. If this situation is not addressed, feeling tired and stressed may become your ‘normal’ day to day existence. read more

6 Morning Routine Tips to Jumpstart Productivity

6 Morning Routine Tips to Jumpstart Productivity />
The morning is the best time of the day to jumpstart productivity. The first moments of the morning set the tone for the rest of the day, so it’s important to use this time well and start it on a positive note. Developing a healthy morning routine will allow you to be more energetic, focused and in control of your day. Here are 6 tips for your morning routine to help boost your productivity. read more